Spreading the flowering period to enable production from early to late in the season

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Our essential activities involve storing and preparing bulbs: tulip, hyacinth, narcissus, muscari, crocus, amaryllis and lily. For optimal storage and preparation, the quality of the supplied bulbs is essential. That is why we work closely with growers who implement the same strict measures that we do. In almost all cases that leads to long-term relationships with bulb growers. In this optimal collaboration it is good to share knowledge. For example, about promising new varieties, the quality of the bulbs or other tips that could be helpful to growers. The preparation of significant product groups like tulips, hyacinths and narcissi, supplemented by muscari and crocus, remains under our control. Other products are subject to an intensive collaboration with specialised suppliers.

Specialists in early cultivation

P. Nelis en zoon’s primarily prepares bulbs for early cultivation, destined for early forcing. To enable production from early to late, we buy bulbs from different regions. The first bulbs come from the production regions in France, near Bordeaux. As the growing season progresses, the production shifts slowly but surely towards the Netherlands: from Zeeland and the Flevopolder and Northeast polder to the northern sandy regions and West Friesland. With such a range of regions, we are able to manage production from early to late in the year, whether it concerns forcing in water, potted or outdoor soil cultivation. Through strict quality control and good cooperation and long-term relationships with regular suppliers, we guarantee that the cultivation in each season of the year meets your and our expectations.

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