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Which varieties will allow you to stand out in the market? Which varieties suit your cultivation method and your climate conditions? And which colours does the consumer prefer this year? Every forcing company asks these questions regularly. Questions that are expertly answered by P. Nelis en zoon’s. With over a century of experience, we are the best at giving professional advice. In addition, we monitor the market on several continents.

Several visits a year

Your representative is your permanent contact at P. Nelis en zoon’s. He can be reached to deal with all your questions. In many cases, the answer will be in your native language. Several times a year we visit your company. We feel it is important to exchange information regularly: about the cultivation outcome, the market situation, or new forcing regimens. In this way you also stay well informed. And you can be sure that you are forcing varieties with good commercial perspectives. Or you become aware of changes in the cultivation techniques that could bring you added value.

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