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Bulbs that we prepare ourselves are stored under P. Nelis en zoon’s ideal storage conditions. You can expect a specialist in bulbs to be fully aware of the ideal conditions to prepare them. The facilities at our two locations, in Heemstede and Schagerbrug, are ideally equiped. At the main site in Heemstede we have 44 advanced cells for temperatures between -2 and +40 ˚C, so for both cooling and warming. Another ten cells are located in Schagerbrug, with six being warming and four being cooling cells. This allows us to switch quickly between the different storage periods of tulips, hyacinths and narcissi.

Tracking and tracing

Efficiency is also at a high level. Advanced facilities for tracking and tracing reveal the origin and status of every lot in the database. Forklift trucks are fitted with an automatic scanner for lots. This allows the arrangement of the cells to be extensively automated, resulting in an optimal capacity utilisation. The modern technology also makes it easier to maintain efficiency. Lots can always be traced, giving minute by minute insight into the correct storage temperature. Reliable cooling and warming installations ensure that the climate control – from temperature to relative humidity – is continuously at the required level.

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