Checking the stage, the phase in which years of experience really count

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Once the preparation stage has been reached, the most important inspection of all is done: ascertaining the correct stage of the flower formation. Certainly for bulbs that will flower early – a speciality at P. Nelis en zoon’s – imposing the correct temperature regimen is crucial for your cultivation results. Therefore, we do not take shortcuts when it comes to checking the stage. From each lot different bulbs are put under the examination microscope. Cutting a bulb is specialist work: it takes a great deal of experience to dissect a bulb – literally and figuratively – down to its core.

Temperature treatment or cooling

Several examinations clarify the stage of the lot. Only when the sample has fully reached stage G or A2, tulip and hyacinth, it is time for the temperature treatment. The intermediate temperature period can range from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the cultivar. Then the cooling period begins. The strict inspection of the stage guarantees that your bulbs will flower when you want them to.

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