An optimal inspection of the tiniest irregularities

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Bulbs that arrive at P. Nelis en zoon’s from the different cultivation areas always undergo a thorough quality inspection. Prior to the first period of storage, each lot is minutely checked for even the tiniest irregularities. Is the lot disease-free? What is the skin quality like? Are the newly arrived lots more suited to early blooming or a later stage? To determine these aspects, samples are taken from each lot. The samples give a reliable idea of the status of each lot.

Determining whether a lot is early or late

By monitoring the samples closely, it is possible to ascertain with absolute certainty which are the earliest and the latest lots. This means you get your cultivation information directly from the source. This helps ensure as uniform a flowering period as possible, with minimal risk. This is the phase in which traditional skills – the eye of the master – go hand in hand with modern and efficient technology, like inspection under a microscope. Ready for the next phase!

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